Rattling The Keys

January, 2020 at ‘The Breakout’ – The Mill , Adelaide.

Written by Zoe Muller

Winner of the 2018 State Theatre Company of South Australia and Flinders University Junior Young Playwrights’ Award, Rattling the Keys follows five teenagers living in the small rural town of Coober Pedy.

Struggling with isolation and lack of opportunities, and with little money or education, they turn to crystal methamphetamine. During a long oppressive heatwave, a teenage boy is murdered next door and Teddy and Kai, both under the influence of Ice, think they may be responsible. Knowing the police are undergoing an investigation, the five teenagers know they only have a few hours before the cops knock on their door.

Rattling the Keys explores themes such as drug/alcohol addiction, isolation and mental illness in 70 minutes. With a very small audience number per show, this is an immersive, ‘fly on the wall’ theatre experience.

This production is a cast collaboration piece, with all cast members working together to bring this story to life. There is no director, in turn allowing each cast member to express their creativity, in order to create a group devised piece of theatre.

A solid debut play that crackles with snappy dialogue and a strong and cohesive point of view, Rattling the Keys is an exploration of the complex and often confusing feelings of growing up and being pushed to your limits.”

– State Theatre Company South Australia

“Zoe Muller, Matilda Butler, Isaac Troisi, Albert Ngo and Dylan Miller are an evenly matched and powerful ensemble. The claustrophobic space within the Mill’s performance rectangle added to the “in your face” immediacy of the drama. The (mostly) youthful audience (very pleasing to see) was totally immersed and enthralled throughout.”

– Theatre Association of South Australia

“Ultimately, Muller has done a service to her subject matter by leading toward a conclusion that is open, realistic, and hopeful, all at once. Every one of the performers – including Matilda Butler, Dylan Miller, Albert Ngo, and Isaac Troisi – show themselves capable, in the closing minutes, of reaching the level of commitment and intelligence that a script like “Rattling the Keys” requires.”

– Adelaide Theatre Guide

“This is, in my opinion, the best that “Deadset Theatre” has offered thus far. Deadset’s journey is well under way and I foresee many significant milestones ahead.”

– Theatre Association of South Australia

Matilda Butler, Albert Ngo, Zoe Muller, Dylan Miller, Isaac Troisi.

Lighting & Sound:
Chloe Zodrow, Scott Cleggett