JASPER JONES – Auditions
APRIL 2021

Deadset Theatre Company and St Judes Players Inc will be collaborating in April 2021 to produce Japser Jones, an iconic Australian story.


*No previous experience required! We are looking forward to working with new, young actors!

Jasper Jones –
A 16 year old Aboriginal male. He is discriminated against by the town he lives in. Cool, confident and mysterious. (Actors aged 14 – 21)

Jeffrey Lu  –
A 14 year old Asian male. A cricket loving, superhero obsessed Vietnamese boy. He is quirky, cheeky and loves to swear. (Actors aged 14 – 17).

Charlie Bucktin –
A 14 year old caucasian male. The narrator of the story. He is book smart, but awkward and tries his best to fit in. Adventurous, compassionate and naïve. (Actors aged 14 – 16)

Caucasian female aged 14 – 17 (stage age 14) –
A young girl with a troubled family. She loves books, is quite assertive and smart. Very kind and gentle.


August 2nd at 2pm @ St Judes Hall, 444 Brighton Road, Brighton, South Australia.

Please email to receive the audition booklet and all the information. When emailing, please tell us your name, age and which role you are interested in auditioning for.

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