Sam and Kelly live out west. They spend their lives waiting for texts, for boyfriends and those bitches in Year Ten to leave school so they can have somewhere decent to hang. But the longest wait is till the end of school, and waiting can be deadly.


Lance Loosely wants nothing more than to fit in with his peers at school, but when his classmates push him too far, he seeks revenge by releasing a deadly virus into the classroom.


Winner of the 2018 State Theatre Company and Flinders University Young Playwrights Award, “Rattling the Keys” is an insight into young adults in Coober Pedy, struggling with crystal methamphetamine addiction.


This iconic coming of age story follows the lives of a teen gang in the 1960s known as ‘Greasers’ who are perpetually at odds with the Socs, a rival group.

“This is a dynamic adaptation of a well-loved classic, thoughtfully brought to life for the first time in Adelaide at the iconic Bakehouse Theatre.” – Glam Adelaide


“After a successful opening, the trio have brought the play back to Adelaide audiences as a part of the Fringe Festival. One can see why. This is a great production.” – Glam Adelaide


Based on the novel by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey

“Puberty Blues is a classic Australian story which (DTC) has been done proud… This is a fresh new adaptation that should set up Deadset Theatre Company for many more successes in the future.”